Our story has been a long yet memorable one, and we are very happy to share some of the most important memories with you!

The Beginning

John and Emma met around the beginning of April 2010, and it all started with the connection of mutual friends. Emma was in her matric year at Collegiate Girls High, and John had just finished matric at Grey Boys High, and was in the process of taking a (non-productive) gap year. They were both invited to braai/chill at a friend’s house, where they officially met. Funny enough, their paths had crossed twice before this moment. A few months previously, they both attended each other’s 18th birthday parties without knowing one another, but eventually they met properly for the first time. From that first moment, both John and Emma felt something special. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach and racing heart beats were felt whenever they saw each other. Unfortunately, there was a shadow along the horizon; John was to spend a majority of the year overseas for his gap year. However, he did not let this get in the way of what he had found with Emma, he did not want to go away knowing that Emma could be taken by the time he got back. John then took this opportunity to make the relationship official. It was the evening of the 24th April 2010. A group of friends were walking on the beaches of Oyster Bay, where John’s family have a holiday house. John trailed at the back of the group and kept Emma close. The rest of the group walked away while John pulled Emma over to a sand dune overlooking the sea. He turned towards Emma and took her hands in his. He then asked Emma if she wanted to be his girlfriend, and if he could kiss her. They hadn’t kissed before this moment and he wanted to get her permission before running into anything unknown. Emma nervously said yes, and they embraced for their first kiss on top of the sand dune, with the sun setting over the horizon, and the sand in between their toes. That moment was the beginning of what will be a lifetime of happiness together for John and Emma. To this day, they still get butterflies when they are with each other, or even think of one another. If this is not a definition of true love, then I don’t know what is.

The Last 7 years

For the last 7 and a half years, John and Emma have gone through life together, from sharing happy and sad moments, to celebrating each other’s accomplishments. As most of you know, Emma’s medical history is quite a long one, but this did not get in the way of their relationship. John is one of the most positive people in the world, and it was this positivity that got them through these tough hurdles. He was there for Emma at every road block, and continues to be by her side, helping her with what she needs to overcome. John also helped Emma realise her academic potential. He steered her towards studying something more intellectually demanding, which to this day she is eternally grateful. Both John and Emma studied together at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (then known as NMMU). Emma helped John throughout his studies, pushing him to achieve high standards. John graduated with a BSc (maths and statistics), and Emma graduated with a BSc (Computer Science and statistics) cum laude. They both then graduated with a BSc Honours (mathematical statistics), where Emma took home the Vice Chancellor’s award for the top post graduate in the field of science, engineering and technology. This is one of Emma’s greatest academic achievements. John was the proudest man alive at that moment, and she was extremely happy to celebrate with the man that she loves. Emma had the opportunity to return the favour when John presented his honours project at the SASA (Statistical Association of South Africa) conference. This was one of the scariest things John had to do (before the engagement), and Emma was watching proudly from the crowd and snapping pictures like she always does. Photography is one of Emma’s passions, and you can usually see her with a camera in her hands. Emma also supported John through his judo career, which he did during university. John was awarded his green belt before he stopped at the end of his studies. John and Emma soon found themselves living in the mother city of Cape Town, where they both now work. This is where they got their very first apartment together, and started to make memories of their own.

The Engagement!

John and Emma were driving down to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town to attend a family friend’s birthday party. They had organised to meet John’s parents on the Friday night, at their holiday house in Oyster Bay (just outside of Port Elizabeth). Emma thought this was going to be a weekend to spend some quality time with the in-laws, as they do not see them a lot. Little did she know; the whole evening had been planned without her knowledge. They arrived at Oyster Bay and met up with John’s parents. John had organised with his mom (Sonja) to get the engagement ring from the UK, and she had brought it down with her. She was supposed to fly down to Cape Town and join them for the road trip, but her flight got cancelled and she was forced to fly straight to Port Elizabeth the following day. This gave John a small heart attack, as he kind of needed the ring! When Emma was distracted, Sonja sneakily handed him the ring, and John shoved it into his hoodie pocket for safekeeping. As everyone was relaxing in the lounge having a drink, the wedding march came on over the speakers. Emma being the only one unaware of the song being played, everyone else knew what was about to happen and slightly panicked. The song was swiftly changed to something else. John’s parents said they needed to pop off to the shops to get supplies for the braai we had “planned” for dinner. Once they had left, John invited Emma to go have a stroll on the beach. As you know, Oyster Bay has a very special meaning for the two of them. It was the place where John had asked Emma to be his girlfriend, 6 and a half years previously. As they were walking down to the beach, Emma noticed that John was acting more weird than usual. He was cracking lots of silly jokes, and running around crazily, making sure that his hand was tightly squeezed onto the ring box in his pocket to prevent it falling out. Clearly this was his way of dealing with his nerves. They were walking along the beach and the sun was setting, so they decided to go and stand on a sand dune to get a better view. John had wanted to stand on the same sand dune where he had asked Emma out on, but unfortunately the years had overgrown the dune with bushes. He found another sand dune which had a perfect view of the sea and sunset beyond. As they were standing there with arms around each other admiring the magnificent view, John pulled Emma away and turned her to face him. Emma noticed the slight tremble in his voice as he started to speak, and it was at this point, she knew exactly what was happening. He started telling Emma what a blessing it was to have her in his life, and that she was that one person who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As John got down on one knee in the sand, he pulled the ring box out of his pocket, and asked Emma the question she had been waiting for. “Will you marry me?”. Emma had tears in her eyes. She dropped to her knees to join John in the sand, and of course she said yes! John was terrified of dropping the ring in the sand, but he managed to get the ring onto her finger. After a few teary kisses and explanations, they sat huddled together in the sand, watching the remainder of the sunset. A perfect moment to start their life together.


A selection of accommodation options

Wedding Day Schedule

Time What's Happening
15:30 – 15:55 Arrive for the ceremony
16:00 – 16:30 Ceremony
16:30 – 17:00 Signing register, confetti toss, group photos
17:00 – 19:00 Cocktail “hour”, canapes & drinks served, lawn games
19:00 – 19:30 Enter reception hall, start of speeches
19:30 – 20:30 Dinner is served
20:30 – 21:00 Cutting of the cake, First dance, father-daughter dance, open dance floor
21:00 – 21:30 dessert buffet, coffee & tea, cheese platter
21:30 – midnight Bouquet and garter toss, party!
Midnight onwards After-party at the venue’s braai area

Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding couple have stated that they would prefer money as their ideal wedding gift.
This can be in the form of cash deposited into their accounts, or placed in an envelope and given at the wedding.
This money will go towards an experience for Emma and John to enjoy on their honeymoon.
You can see the various honeymoon experiences below.
Norway Northern Lights Cruise - Shore Excursions
Port Excursion Description Price(£) Price(R)+-
(24 March)
Romsdal Valley and Bjorli Discover the dramatic mountain scenery of Romsdal Valley and explore the quaint village of Bjorli. £52 R960
(26 March)
Reindeer Sledging Enjoy a peaceful reindeer ride through picturesque scenery and learn about the S├ími culture followed by refreshments around a log fire. £192 R3546
(27,28 March)
Igloo Hotel Visit Explore the famous Igloo Hotel at leisure followed by an ‘ice cold’ drink at the ice bar. £65 R1200
In Search of the Northern Lights Experience the anticipation as you search the skies for the vivid colours of the magical Northern Lights. £135 R2493
Alta Husky Adventure Admire the breath-taking scenery on a dog sledge ride before relaxing with refreshments around a log fire in a traditional ‘Lavvu’. £189 R3491
(31 March)
Stavanger Highlights Discover the interesting sights, striking scenery and fascinating Viking heritage of the charming city of Stavanger. £42 R775
Stavanger Countryside Leave behind the bustling city of Stavanger and become acquainted with the charming and peaceful countryside (Includes shopping). £52 R960
Extra Cruise Options
  1. Dinner
    1. Beach House Restaurant – Relaxed & fun atmosphere
      • - £7.50 cover charge (R138)
    2. Sindhu – Intimate Indian cuisine
      • - £17.50 cover charge (R323)
  2. Spa Treatments
    1. Couples massage – Full body elemis deep tissue muscle massage or Swedish massage
      • - £179 (R3306)
    2. Back, neck and shoulder massage
      • - £72 (R1330)

Bank Account Details

South Africa:

Owner: **** *********
Bank: *******
Account Type: **********
Number: **********
Branch Name:**********
Branch Code: ******
Reference: ******* ******
United Kingdom:

Owner: **** *********
Bank: *******
Account Type: **********
Number: **********
Branch Name:**********
Branch Code: ******
Reference: ******* ******


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